All You Know Before Getting Your Gel Nail Extensions.

Gel nail extensions are most trendy and loved ways to get beautiful long nails nowadays. These extensions make hands so beautiful. But before getting into this beautiful art its very important to know what they are.

What are Gel Nail Extensions : Gel Nail Extension is a process in which includes hard gel on natural nail with UV light. For nail extensions your nails should be strong so that extensions get fit in properly.

What are the benefits of Gel Nail Extensions : Long and strong nails for 3 weeks, very lightweight, safer and healthier ,easier and quicker removal process.

If we are talking about the benefits lets also talk about the drawbacks of extensions. Although extensions looks beautiful but it can weaken our original nails over time, so its very important give some gap between the next application of your nail extensions.

How Are Gel Nail Extensions Applied : Gel nail extensions the nail technician needs first to prepare the nails file, clean, and buff nails, next step is to apply extensions on nails with the hard gel after fixing the extensions nail technician ask for the shape foe example round, square, oval nails etc. next step is shaping of the nail extensions, after that apply gel to the nail inside of the gel extension and place it on the actual nail. Now it’s time to press down and hold then sit in the light for 60 seconds. Finally Nails are ready for nail art and for favorite nail color polish.

How long Gel Nail Extensions Last ? The period of gel nail extensions is based on that how use use your hands for some people it can be last for four to five weeks .But its very important to take refills after 12 to 16 days for the fresh look ,to maintain natural growth and you also change the color of the nails.

Removal Of Gel Nail Extensions ? Removal is also very important part of extension world. its not good for your nail health if they’re not removed properly. The technician will file down about 85 percent of the extension and soak off the remaining gel in acetone wrap with aluminum foil and wait 15 minutes, then gently push off the product and buff the natural nail. Removal should take 30-40 minutes.

Conclusion : Gel Nail Extensions are safe if application and removal done properly .gel extensions are very safe. You need to be sure to find the professional to get maximum benefits.

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