Combination Of Micro needling with PRP Do Wonders For Skin

PRP is one of the most effective ways for acne scars and also for hair fall and promote hair regrowth. This treatment can be used in both men and women suffering from acne scars, pigmentation or temporal midline hair loss. combination of micro needling with PRP do wonders for skin in many ways, it is the best combination for many skin issues.

PRP or vampire facial uses own blood/platelets to heal the skin. Platelet rich plasma is a three step procedure where in the blood is drawn ,processed and injected into skin. Treating your skin with your own blood can take years off your face. your own blood /PRP has the power to repair and rejuvenate your skin clearing most of your imperfections.

This is a fabulous facial with multiple benefits:

:Hydrates the dehydrated skin

:Improves fine lines and wrinkes

:Rejuvenates skin

:Improves skin tone and texture

:Tighter firmer skin

:Facial lift

:Mattifies open pores

Open pores can make your skin dull and old. Also the pores can accumulate dirt and get clogged, it is very important to rule out the cause for open pores which can be either – Oily skin, acne, aging, dry skin, genetics. Pores can be closed as they help skin breathe and look smooth. Sometimes if they are enlarged because of some reasons and visible, combination of micro needling with PRP mattify them and make them less visible.

Use of blood/PRP a lot to treat such as-

Acne scars, Surgical scars, Pigmentation, Sun damage, Open pores Uneven skin tone, Face lift. This PRP/platelet rich plasma has proteins and growth factors which initiate cell repair and renewal. This is absolutely painless, long lasting results with little downtime, and with no side effects/complications as its your own blood.

So its very important to equally rule out the cause and work on it. Consult a good dermatologist and get rid of any skin problems with this amazing treatment.

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