Worried About Facial Hair Growth During Lockdown!

Introducing the concept of shaving your facial hair at home is very important now a days. The hair growth can be easily removed with the derma planer, to get smooth supple skin, derma planer helps to remove the dead top layer of the skin along with the peach fuss or vellus hair. It also helps in better penetration of the products you are using as homework.

Derma planning is a non invasive lunch hour procedure to get rid of your top dead layer of the skin. It also helps to treat fine lines, pigmentation, giving you a refreshed skin for makeup. Derma planning also aids in the deeper penetration of the products you are using as your customized skin regime.

Derma planning is a very safe technique, and its is a myth that shaving your face, causes hair to grow back thicker and harder. After care is very important, after shaving immediately follow up with hydrated serum or any other serum which you use in your normal skincare regimen. To lock the benefits of the serum apply moisturizer, this will added the benefit of providing much needed hydration to freshly-exfoliated skin.

Time to flaunt a flawless soft supple mattified skin with Derma planning.

Published by Ankita Ramta

I am passionate about my work, Because I love what I do. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself. Most importantly I'm people person, i love meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds.

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