Facial Pigmentation in Men

Hyperpigmentation on exposed area such as face can become a cosmetic concern even with men. Hormonal imbalances, environmental damage, UV exposure, use of wrong cosmetics consumption of certain drugs and photosensitizing substances can be some reasons for developing Melasma or hyperpigmentation in men.

What Is Male Pigmentation?

Melasma is when patches of skin appear darker than the surrounding skin ,skin produces more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. spots or patches of skin appear darker is a common skin condition. Although melasma generally similarly presents same in men and women. Malar clinical pattern for melasma is most common in men while the Centro facial pattern is more common in women.

However clinicians should bear in mind that if a male patient is seeking treatment for a dermatological condition, such as melasma then cosmoses might at least be of partial concern and thus the patient might be very motivated to adhere to a prescribed treatment regime. Men report more sun exposure compared to female melasma patients 49% of men vs 24% women. This is important to be aware of discussing options with male melasma patients who seek treatment.

Most importantly sun exposure recommendations are necessary for both genders. Doctors must be extra attentive to male patients, who have shown to be less successful in adhering to sunscreen application .

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