What Are The Reason Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes

We often think that dark circles are due to lack of sleep, this can be one cause there are other reasons for dark eye circles, such as due to family history but exhaustion, eye rubbing, sun exposure allergies or natural aging process. Dark Circles may look purple, black or brown depending on skin color. In many cases dark circles under the eyes shows and indicate a lifestyle change for example improvement to sleep habits and diet.

Under the eyes can appear darker due to constricted blood vessels causing hyperpigmentation. All causes of dark circles under the eyes are, Lack of sleep, hyperpigmentation , overexposure to sunlight, aging, rubbing of the eyes, smoking, thyroid conditions.

Dark circles can be disturbing for some. Treatment can help fade them to an extent so that you are confident with your skin. There are many home made remedies which is best for dark circles because these remedies are natural with no side effects.

1] Cucumber– Applying Cucumber slices to the eyes gives that soothing effect which also reduce swelling. cucumber also contains silica which is essential for healthy tissue.

2]Tea Bags – Caffeine has antioxidant properties. Tea bags may help lessen dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

3] Facials – Gentle massage around the eye area through a facial can help to improve circulation.

4] Antioxidants – Face creams and under eye products that contains antioxidants may help to reduce the appearance or dark circles. Vitamin E and C are antioxidants that may help to treat dark circles.

5] Makeup – Make up will not alter dark circles but people can use concealer for cosmetic purposes.

If Home remedies are not working for dark circles under the eyes , so a person can see their skin doctor for medical treatment.

One can help prevent the appearance of dark circles by living a healthy lifestyle factors.

Getting enough sleep and reduce stress

Protecting the eyes from the sun

Stopping smoking and alcohol consumption

Dark circles can affect anyone of any age for variety of reason.; But it can be controlled by healthy life style.

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